Acronis True Image 8 and Cloning a Drive ?

  freaky 11:22 20 Nov 05

Would appreciate some assistance on the following: -

I want to create a Clone of HD (C) to an external USB HD (H).

Drive(H) already has a Clone of (C) which was created with Norton Ghost before I bought Acronis.

When I try to Clone to (H) using Acronis, the program goes through the motions and finishes. However when I check (H) it is has not changed, all the data is the same!

I have tried to clone using both Automatic and Manual, but the result is as above i.e. the data on (H) is not being deleted and replaced with the current data from (C).

Obviously I am making an error somehow - or possibly I need to Format (H) before commencing the cloning process.

  PaulB2005 12:08 20 Nov 05

Theres not much point in CLONING to an external drive as this is intended for upgrading / replacing a hard drive.

Better to make an IMAGE to the external drive.

If you want to persist in the CLONING then i would format the drive first, although this should not be necessary.

How long does the Clone take roughly?

  freaky 12:22 20 Nov 05

The two Clones I have tried as Automatic and Manual, have taken a few minutes! Whereas I was expecting about 90 minutes.

I have already created Backup Images OK. But want to create a Clone so in the event of HD (C) failing and being replaced - then I can Clone from (H) to the new drive (C).

  Chegs ®™ 12:30 20 Nov 05

You can use the image in the same way your wanting to use the clone.Eg:The image can be restored to a new drive.

  PaulB2005 12:36 20 Nov 05

Images will also take up less room and you can store multiple images in the same room as a Cloned drive.

If it's taking a few minutes then something is wrong.

Can you tell us step by step what you are doing?

  Wak 13:20 20 Nov 05

Hi freaky, I do exactly what you are wanting to do but I use XXCOPY (click here) for Win 98SE every two weeks and it only takes a few minutes to clone my C:\ drive to my D:\ drive.
Full instructions on the web site.
You may have to install the Master boot Record (MBR) on the second drive .
If you have Win XP then use XXCLONE (click here).

  freaky 16:09 20 Nov 05

Thanks for the link to XXCLONE, but as I already have Drive Image I will try to do it with that.

  freaky 16:17 20 Nov 05

Thanks for the interest. In Automatic mode, I am following the instructions given in the PDF Help File supplied with Acronis, ditto with Manual Mode.

However, I note on the heading of the PDF, it states 'Transfering the System to a new disk'.

The instructions therefore may not apply - as Drive (H) is not a new disk, and has the System from (C) on it from a previous Clone created with Ghost!

  PaulB2005 16:56 20 Nov 05

Well yes it does state transfering to a new disk but as far as i'm aware it'll do a "Bare Metal" clone which means the disk doesn't even need to be formatted before use. TI should format the disk first for you so the old Ghost image shouldn't matter.

I need you to describe in as much detail what you do and what the screens say. It's ok saying you follow the manual but you won't believe the number of times you can resolve various problems when you spot something the other hasn't.

  Chegs ®™ 16:58 20 Nov 05

TI will not overwrite any system files,which the Ghost clone will have created.As I said before,just image the present C:\ partition,to your USB drive,it will restore your C:\ drive as it was when created.Even on a new HD.There is little point in cloning a drive unless it requires specific drivers(SATA)

TI can also make incremental images,so you can create an image as is,add more apps/delete,etc and then run TI and chose "Incremental"(although I have been using incremental backups,expecting to be able to restore from the 1st image or subsequent images,only found that TI wont allow my restore from just the earliest image,it asked for the full set,which adds up to over 12Gbs and wont fit on a single DVD-R)

  PaulB2005 18:28 20 Nov 05

"TI will not overwrite any system files,which the Ghost clone will have created."

If freaky is CLONING the C drive to the H drive correctly then the Ghost Image should be overwritten.

If freaky IMAGES the C drive to the H drive then the Ghost Image WON'T be overwritten.

On the subject of Incremental images I've never bothered. I just make a daily Full Image and keep the last 3.

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