Acronis True Image 7

  sea123 22:15 31 May 08

I have a slave drive with an image of my primary drive which has failed. It was created with Acronis v 7. Unfortunately I didnot keep a separate copy of acronis. Acronis v7 (free) is unavailable now at the site. Would be grateful if anyone could give me a copy.

  brundle 22:18 31 May 08

If you registered to download it you might be able to re-download it, see this thread; click here

  Wuggy 00:25 01 Jun 08

Your post is a wee bit unclear. I'm not too sure if it's your slave or primary drive which has failed.
If it's your primary drive and you restore the image from your slave drive the Acronis program will still be there as it was originally. If you haven't already done so create a rescue disk from within the program. This will let you boot into Acronis outwith the Windows environment and carry out all backup, restore and verify procedures as normal. If it's your slave drive which has failed then you will have lost your image but will be able to create a new one on a new drive. Again ensure you have a rescue disk.
If all else fails Amazon UK do an OEM Acronis Version 9 for £9.99

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