Acronis TI problem

  dagbladet 19:26 03 Oct 06

Finally taking the plunge and backing up for the first time. I got Acronis TI 7, an ext HDD connected by USB 1.1 (it's all I have). I'm trying to make a Clone. I've gone through the 'manual' setup which will leave the donor HDD intact, when I press 'proceed', Acronis tell's me to reboot, on reboot the machine hangs on the first screen (greyed out Packard Bell), I've left it for a good ten minutes but nothing happens. The PC 'busy' light stays blank and the ext HDD light stays steady (which means power on no data transfer). I'm aware that it would be faster to remove the ext HDD from the caddy and slave it into the PC, but i'm happy to leave it all night, and save on the faff. Any ideas please.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:27 03 Oct 06

Have no experience of TI7 but I use TI8. Usually create an image using Acronis secure zone on an external drive, start with a full backup and add incrementals when I remember. Use the remaining space to store stuff that is easily accessable.

  dagbladet 21:49 03 Oct 06

Thanks HVR, not sure that covers my problem. Anybody else please?

  woodchip 22:07 03 Oct 06

Old version of Acronis. That was Free also!!!!! will it let you create boot Rescue Disc in Acronis? if it does try starting with that, them

  woodchip 22:10 03 Oct 06

think version 7 is too old to support usb. This will work. Get that purse open. click here

  dagbladet 22:26 03 Oct 06

woodchip, yes It let's me create a rescue disk. It also recognized that the ext HDD was USB.

  terryf 22:35 03 Oct 06

Mine (TI 9) is called recovery manager rather than rescue but that is semantics, I use the disk to restore but do backups from the Acronis program on C drive. If you have a D drive it is sometimes quicker to do the backup onto D then do a straight copy of the Acronis backup folder on to ext usb

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