Acronis / Naughty Player

  rawprawn 08:45 26 Aug 05

I had an email from Acronis this morning with an offer of their "Privacy Suite" and a free Spyware scan. I tried the scan and it came up with Naughty Player (C:Windows\system32\actskn43.ocx) I can find no reference either on my computer or in Google to this, and A², Adaware, Spybot not MS Antispyware find anything. Is this a scam? and has anyone even heard of Naughty Player. I am aware that companies "Pretend" to find spyware in order to sell their product, but I thought Acronis might be above that.

  ventanas 09:04 26 Aug 05

Morning Dennis, what have you been up to. I've had one or two false positives from Acronis lately and am quickly losing faith in it. So much so that later today I am switching from the free version of A2 to the full. I would ignore it.

  rawprawn 09:18 26 Aug 05

Morning John, I knew someone would find out about the darker side of my life eventually, trouble is I haven't seen it yet (whatever it plays).I bought the old Acronis Privacy Suite and I reckon that was a mistake. I have no intention of upgrading to the new one, and as I said I can find no references to the so called problem and I will as you suggest be ignoring it.

  ventanas 09:46 26 Aug 05

The one I kept getting was something called chupacabra, which translated literally from Spanish is the charming expression goatsucker
A check of the Acronis forum showed that I was not alone. Its been fixed now, only to be replaced by another.

By the way Dennis, as I am running A2 Free at the moment should I remove this before installing A2 Personal, or do you think it will go over the top.

  rawprawn 10:28 26 Aug 05

I think you would be better removing A² free first and having a clean install. Let me know what you think of it.

  VoG II 10:31 26 Aug 05

Do you have Tweak-XP? click here

  rawprawn 11:43 26 Aug 05

I have just downloaded the trial and had a quick look, it seems similar to Tune up Utilities which I have had for some time althogh a bit more sophisticated. However I am not sure of the connection between TweakXP and my post. I have run the reg cleaner and Unnecessary files, but it found nothing to do with Naughty Player.

  rawprawn 11:48 26 Aug 05

I have just repeated the "Acronis Free Scan" and it found nothing, and I have removed nothing. I will mark as resolved, and remain sceptical about unsolicited offers.

  VoG II 12:21 26 Aug 05

Sorry, I wasn't suggesting that you install Tweak-XP.

It is just that actskn43.ocx seems to be part of it.

  Gongoozler 18:27 26 Aug 05

A fairly extensive search via Google suggests that actskn43.ocx (actskn = active skin) is a harmless file that at least one other pest removal utility detects as a false positive click here

  rawprawn 18:39 26 Aug 05

Thank you for that my friend, I had already decided on false positive, but you confirm my suspicions.

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