Acronis image creation- leave internet access open at the same time?

  compumac 24 Jan 12

I have been using Acronis for some few years now and currently using Acronis True Home 2010 to create images from the 1TB system drive that has about 66GB of used space onto an external hard drive with it taking about 20 minutes to create the image and also validate the image.

It is only tonight after showing a neighbour how to create Acronis images on his PC, that when during the image creation it appeared that there was a couple of programme updates taking place in the background.
There were no discernible problems excepting that the image took some 45 minutes to create and validate.

It just posed the question in my mind – the possibility that a download going on whilst creating an image could be very problematic, although I have never been aware of any such event.

What do others do when creating an image in respect of internet connection?

  lotvic 24 Jan 12

I unplug the ethernet cable to disconnect from internet when I do backups.

I also stop my Anti-virus progs etc. and 'tidy up' - empty temp folders and such.

  beeuuem 25 Jan 12

It is my understanding that when Acronis is backing up it 'locks' the partition and creates the image from that state. This would indicate that there is no need to disconnect from the internet or stop any programmes. If the priority setting for the backup is set at low this will slow down the backup should other demands be made on the processor.

  robin_x 25 Jan 12

I leave Thunderbird e-mail and Firefox open and continue to browse. Avira remains on.

Paragon B&R Free hogs too much of my processor (AthlonII Dual core 64 +3GB RAM)

Macrium is fast and has almost no impact on browsing.

Easeus Todo slows me down slightly but not annoyingly.

I have never had any problems Imaging in this way. I don't install or uninstall while doing it.

My images are just under 60GB (max compression) and take an hour with Macrium and two hours with the others.

  Diemmess 25 Jan 12

Acronis Backup as beeuuem has said locks the drive involved so no likelihood of malware snooping.

Acronis as Restore runs its own basic program and even the operator can only accept the prompts with no chance of running anything else meanwhile.

I usually shut down on everything running at the time, but see no reason to switch off the router

Using XPpro I usually backup when there's nothing else more urgent to do. It is at times like this that I reap the reward for storing only the OS and any applications on the main (C:) drive.
All data is stored on other drives, internal and external. This means only about 15 minutes for a Backup and a few minutes longer to Restore. The folders for my docs/pics/music/downloads etc. on drive C: are ignored and files are never deliberately saved there. This is why I can keep C: small.

  lotvic 25 Jan 12

Perhaps I should have added that I boot from the Acronis CD. Acronis True Image Home version 11 when I backup.

I haven't been doing the backups from within Windows. The reason I stop the Anti-virus etc is so that when/if I restore the image I thought it would be easier on first boot up if they didn't immediately go on line to update - gives me a breathing space.


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