Acronis and disk sizes

  exdragon 12:44 PM 02 Feb 12

Hi - I've just opened Acronis (TI Home 11) and see that the amount of data which Acronis shows bears no relation to that shown on the disks in My Computer.

For example, for three drives, Acronis shows 41 GB, 4 GB and 0 GB (this is the C drive), while the in My Computer, properties of the corresponding drives are 11 GB, 859 MB and 59 GB.

Can anyone throw any light on this, please?

  johndrew 15:08 PM 08 Feb 12

I have only used earlier versions of Acronis, but know they compress the data on backup. When you select 'Backup' is one of the questions you are asked about the level of compression you want?

I think the default is 'Normal' which provides a level of compression the software is designed to function within.

  exdragon 07:43 AM 09 Feb 12

Sorry, I seem to have inadvertently opened two post on this thread. I've had answers on the other one, so will tick this as resolved, although I can't see how this answer can be right, johndrew - if Acronis is trying to back up 41 GB rather than 11 GB, to me that seems more like expansion, not compression.


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