Acronis disk director

  Sapins 29 Apr 11

I have just tried to use the acronis forum, I'm now arranging to have some teeth pulled!

The problem is I installed true image 2010 and disk director on windows 7, when I opened disk director I got the BSOD and it took a while to recover my system. I have tries several times to uninstall disk director but the entry remains in control panel but is not shown in programmes, every attempt to remove it is shown as a restore point! I have tried to install DD from the cd but all I get is "copying files" "preparing to install" and then after some hard drive activity, nothing. The message " setup was interrupted before Disk doctor could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again, this does not work. both of these programmes worked ok on XP Home.

  rawprawn 29 Apr 11

Try Rvo Uninstaller Free


  RGB76 29 Apr 11

I have both those programs installed on my Vista machine ansd they work just fine, but they do not work on my Windows-7 PC. had to buy the version 11 and that works ok.

  Sapins 29 Apr 11

True Image 2010 works fine it's disk director I have the problem with, I've just used Revo, thanks for the link rawprawn, and it seems to have done the trick, now to see if I can instaldisk director from the cd.

  Sapins 29 Apr 11

Disk Director has installed first time, I knew I should have come straight here for the answer, thanks again guys,



  woodchip 29 Apr 11

Cannot understand why you wanted to load it, I run it from the CD at boot as you only need it on the odd occasion. Just booting from the CD is all that's needed


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