Acronis Corrupted Image

  Bebee 16:45 17 Dec 06

I should tick this as resolved before I start, but I thought I would post an accidentally resolved issue that might help others and I would welcome comments on.

I have never been able to get a stable backup out of Acronis or Norton Ghost. I have tried all suggestions and run from the rescue discs as well as through Windows. I also tried saving to external drive, internal drive and to CD/DVD.

I recently replaced my graphics card removing a MX440 and adding an ATI to the ASUS motherboard. This was to take account of a new monitor.) The images are now created and verified quickly and with no problems. I also have fewer shut down problems (progs not responding etc.). i have only run Acronis so far - not Ghost.

Although I always back up data and keep track of installed programs, the thought that I can now recover quickly from a problem is comforting.

I assume that this is not just a coincidence, but was not able to track it down as a known issue. I bought the PC as a partly assemble bundle and had assumed compatibility.

  anskyber 16:52 17 Dec 06

How odd, but very interesting.

  Bebee 17:07 17 Dec 06

That's what I thought - odd and unexpected.

  woodchip 17:29 17 Dec 06

I think I have only ever had one corrupt Image with Acronis. When you Create a Image try Creating it to the Internal Hard Drive and turn of the Check Image option. Then try restoring the Image, I think you will find it Restores without a Problem. If it's Corrupt Acronis will not load it. If it works drag the File onto your External Drive

  woodchip 17:30 17 Dec 06

The Acronis Check Image I think as got a BUG

  Bebee 20:10 17 Dec 06

I think you are right about the bug - but I have in the past tried what you suggested and it was corrupt and would not load - although now I don't have a problem. I spent a lot of time in the past on Acronis and Ghost with no success. My previous PC had no problem. I can only put it down to something to do with the graphics card or the software/drivers. I know that the reputation of Acronis is excellent and it was frustrating not to be able to rely on it - having paid for it!

  Bebee 20:11 17 Dec 06

Tick as resolved as I posted for reference as well as comment - thanks for the comments.

  David4637 16:41 19 Dec 06

Just try running chkdsk before using Acronis create an image, in case you are getting an error message from the HD via Acronis. Worth trying David

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