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  jacques 09:43 19 Aug 05

I have checked previous threads on this but am still not quite sure.

I downloaded Acronis 8 (build 774) sometime ago. I have an ext HD and I made an image for back up puposes but have not (as yet) used it. However I now wish to install a second HD in my computer dedicated just for backing up my entire current HD and for disaster recovery of everything to a further new HD in the event of a complete HD failure.

I have a couple of questions please

1 Can I just attach the new Drive within my computer and use the "add new drive" function to prepare it".
2. Should I then "clone" my existing HD to the new one or make and image/backup ? I am a bit confused here !
3 Should I partition the new HD for any reason

I would have prefered to move my existing HD to a newer computer (its 4 years old) and then cloned it to a second new HD, but I am told that is not as easy as it seems because if "Sid" !!

My OS is W2000 pro

Gratefull for any help



  DieSse 10:51 19 Aug 05

A clone is an exact copy - that means you can take out the original drive and put in the clone, and it will work immediately.

An image is the identical information but in a compressed form - this is so you can store it, prefereably out of the computer, possibly on smaller capacity media, but it can still be restored to a new drive in case of disaster.

A clone you have to make complete every single time. An image you can make complete, partial, or just an update - this makes images more convenient n the backing up process.

Remember that any backup you keep inside the system is vulnerable to some kinds of catastrophic system failure. Backups kept outside the system (caddy, USB drives, CDs and DVDs) are MUCH safer.

Remember, too, that a backup is only as good as when you do it - it soon becomes out of date.

  jacques 12:21 19 Aug 05

Thank you DieSee.

That makes it much clearer.
One small thing In the Acronis FAQ's they talk about "moving" all disk contents to another disk, in the same braeth as copying. When windows talhs about "moving" it normally means leaving nothing behind ??

Another words if I put a new Drive in my comp and clone it from the existing one, is the original left as it is ?

Also from what you say about the relative merits of backups and where to put them would I be correct in saying that the possible best solution is to clone a copy of my existing disk to my new disk in my computer, but also keep a back up image on an ext USB Hard drive ? Or perhaps visa versa ?

God these questions make me feel incredibly stupid, particularly as as I have been computing continuously since my first single floppy Amstrad in the 80's !!!

  Gaz 25 13:54 19 Aug 05

A clone means it just makes a copy. It just copys the files over to the new HDD, well infact the whole partition table and everything, your old disk will still work.

  jacques 16:13 19 Aug 05

Thanks to both Gaz 25 and DieSse

If I could ask a little bit more

1. Do I have to prepare a new HD for cloning from an existing HD, or just put it in. connect it, and go to "add new disk" in Acronis and carry on.
2. In the event of a motherboard "meltdown" can I use a cloned HD in a new computer (w2000).

Sorry about all these questions but I live in very wild country France and have nobody else around to help or dicuss with

  DieSse 18:26 19 Aug 05

1. Do I have to prepare a new HD for cloning from an existing HD, or just put it in. connect it, and go to "add new disk" in Acronis and carry on. 2. In the event of a motherboard "meltdown" can I use a cloned HD in a new computer (w2000).

1. - You just put in the new drive and carry on as you describe. No preparation required.

2. - Yes - but if the computer is different, then the Win2000 setup may not be correct for your new motherboard, graphics etc. So there may be some more to do to get it quite right.

  swapper 18:31 19 Aug 05

I'll keep all this info - thanks :-))

Took the words (question) right out of my mouth!!

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