Acronis clone error

  iqs 18:05 16 Mar 09


Have copied my C: many times in the past with out any issues.But tried again this afternoon,and have an error report....

When XP reboots for Acronis to start cloning,the following error message appears,

Analysing Partition
Error.Unable to read disk 3 sector 63 (Retry Ignore Ignore all)

There is no option to restart the cloning,so I just restarted the PC.

I have just started a CHKDSK from CMD,and will try again.

I believe its an error on the C:,but can you offer any advice please.


  DieSse 18:51 16 Mar 09

Yes - it's an error on the hard drive.

Hope that CHKDSK can fix it.

Otherwise try the Retry option a few times, then try the Ignore option.

This is a sign of hard drive woes - it may be a transient error caused by a power cut or who knows what. Or it may be a permanent error - hopefully CHKDSK will tell you.

  DieSse 18:53 16 Mar 09

I should have asked - is your C drive on Disk3? - that would seem to be a SATA drive ('cos normally a C drive would be on Disk 0).

  iqs 19:35 16 Mar 09

Hi and thanks for the reply.

The HDD is a SATA drive,but its connected to the first SATA controller.

Still waiting for the CHKDSK to finish :-(


  iqs 19:49 16 Mar 09


Just finished CHKDSK,tried again still the same error message.
Because it states disc 3,I will assume it means the destination HDD,have just started a CHKDSK on that HDD

  iqs 22:04 16 Mar 09

Still receiving the same error message.Will reinstall Acronis just in case,but can you recommend another piece of disk imaging software please?.

  muddypaws 11:05 17 Mar 09

I use this for cloning to another here
It's free for a straight clone, that is bootable.
About £29 to get the version that allows you to do incrementals.
I find it very good.

  iqs 14:33 17 Mar 09

And many thanks for taking the time to reply.

I decided that after a day of trying to sort out the faulty cluster,to return the drive the Novatech.
Its only 9 months old.

The drive will be shipped back to their head office for testing.

Will keep the thread open to update you on what they say.


  iqs 20:09 27 Mar 09

Received a phone call today as promised(perfect service),informing me the HDD will be returned to the supplier,and a replacement will be available within 28 days..

  iqs 19:55 27 Apr 09

Received my new HDD today,as promised on Friday.
I returned a 260 GB HDD,and received a 320GB replacement,not bad.

Took 44 days for it to be tested and returned to WD,but no complaints here .

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