Acronis can't read HDD

  hastelloy 17:42 01 Apr 07

Just tried to backup my C drive and got the message "Acronis can't read sector 1,018,023". I get the option to ignore, retry or cancel. So far I have selected retry, which brings up the same message, and cancel. Ignore is against my religion - I'm a devout coward. Any suggestions please?

  hastelloy 17:43 01 Apr 07

Should have said Acronis TI10, XP Pro.

  Bris 19:34 01 Apr 07

Try CHKDSK first or access it via XP (right click on the drive in explorer choose properties then tools then "check now" and set it to "fix errors" and also "check for bad sectors" but the latter will take some time so its best to try "fix errors" first. As its your C: drive it will require a reboot to fix any errors but it will tell you this. After this its advisable to do a defrag to tidy up the drive before you back it up. These backup routines are at a low level and therefore dont tend to try to fix errors they find but just give up.

  woodchip 23:45 01 Apr 07

As above run Disc Checker, It will mark out the bad spots. Then run


to check for damaged Files

  hastelloy 00:46 02 Apr 07

CHKDSK just finished. I have to be up a 6.30 am so need to go to bed. I'll try backup again tomorrow evening and let you know how it goes. Many thanks.

  hastelloy 20:17 02 Apr 07

After CHKDSK I ran sfc /scannow which didn't find anything - I guessed CHKDSK had fixed everything. After that I had lost my wallpaper and some desktop icons, all my quick launch icons, Windows Live Messenger settings and favourites in both Firefox and IE6. Also Word and Excel were missing from All Programs. I opened a word doc from Explorer and Installer popped up and reinstalled Office.

Just tried to backup my C drive again and got the same error but at about 78,000,000 this time. Acronis has backed up my D drive OK - this is all my data - C has only applications on it.

So, do I CHKDSK & scs /scannow again, or do I do a reinstall? Or is it worth doing anything as everything seems to be working. All my data is safe - it's just programs & settings at risk and a reinstall would mean redoing all of that anyway!!!

  woodchip 21:40 02 Apr 07

If you can Image C:\ then it does the Partition info and all the Files including OS. So it is well worth while trying to create one. I would go through the above again.

Did you put a space Before / in SFC /SCANNOW?

  skidzy 21:46 02 Apr 07

Understanding sfc click here

I would add to the above and advise going to the hdd manufacturers site and download the drives diagnostic tools and run them.

  hastelloy 07:16 03 Apr 07

Woodchip - thanks to this forum, I am aware of the sfc /scannow space.
Wasn't feeling well last night so had an early one. Unfortunately work calls now so will try your suggestions tonight. I hope CHKDSK doesn't take quite so long this time.
Keep smiling and the whole world will ....... wonder what you've been up to!!

  hastelloy 19:21 04 Apr 07

Did disc check and sfc /scannow last night - finished late so went to bed!! - disc check did some repair sfc /scannow didn't find anything, or at least didn't tell me it had found anything. Just tried Acronis again - got to last 3 mins then stopped & said can't read HDD. I clicked retry & it carried on until 59 secs to go then stopped again. This time wouldn't accept retry so I guess it's time to start over.

  woodchip 19:28 04 Apr 07

Looks like it's a Faulty Drive

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