Acronis backup found bad sectors

  badgermansix 20:56 PM 23 Apr 12


I have just used Acronis to back up, and for the first time in my experience, 1 minute and 13 seconds from completion, it stopped backing up and told me that there was a bad sector, which I had the option to ignore, a few seconde later it found another bad sector which I ignored again. Acronis then went on to complete sucessfully.

I then went on to validate it, this was successful, do I have a problem looming do you think?


  robin_x 21:50 PM 23 Apr 12

I would check all source partitions and the destination partition for errors (ie chkdsk).

eg Right click c: in Explorer, Properties, Tools.

Tick the extra Attempt Recovery option.

Any partitions in use will require reboot. And it may take an hour or more for each.

(you are prompted before committing)

When done, make a fresh image, just in case and delete the 'suspect' one.

  robin_x 21:51 PM 23 Apr 12

(I have to do this on my old PC every few months)


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