Acronis back up. ?

  Ikelos 13:58 30 Oct 05

Hi I have backed up my laptop with the above, on the external drive that the back up is on, it is in 3 different folders, the laptop is NTFS and the external HDD is fat32 is that the reason? or am i doing it all wrong, the worry is, if i need to put it all back into the laptop, which folder do you use? or have i lost the plot..


  PaulB2005 14:01 30 Oct 05

What software are you using exactly?

  PaulB2005 14:04 30 Oct 05

And how did you use it?

The external drive must have been FAT32 already. If the size of the backup file exceeds 4Gb then it will be broken up into multiple files. This won't occur with NTFS formatted drives.

  Ikelos 14:08 30 Oct 05

hi, the software, which i have just got is Acronis true image 8, I backed up the laptop, then this morning i tried the incremantal back-up, think that is what it is called, but the drive i put it on there are 3 folders of different sizes..thanks

  PaulB2005 14:09 30 Oct 05

I use the same software. What are the names of the files and folders?

  €dstowe 14:12 30 Oct 05

The best way to use Acronis is to place the backup in the Acronis Secure Zone. If you read the instructions, you will find out all about this and how to do it.

  CLONNEN 14:13 30 Oct 05

If you are only going to use your external hard drive with NTFS systems then it would be worth converting the external drive to NTFS as well.

If you want to use the backup drive on ANY computer then you need to keep the FAT32 file system intact otherwise older systems cannot access it eg. Windows 98/ME do not support NTFS.

Are you using Acronis True Image?

  PaulB2005 14:14 30 Oct 05

The method i prefer is to have the backup drive as NTFS. I then make a full backup each day keeping the last 3 or 4. I don't bother with incremental backups.

  Ikelos 14:19 30 Oct 05

thanks, is it possible to change the back up drive to ntfs without losing all that is on the drive...thanks

  €dstowe 15:32 30 Oct 05

I can see all of this ending in disaster.

Follow the instructions that come with Acronis and do it that way.

It can be an awful lot lost if you do it wrongly.

  PaulB2005 16:18 30 Oct 05

You can but it might be better to just reformat the drive and start again. I wouldn't know how to use the files and folder you already have to recover the system anyway.

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