Acronis 2012 question?

  hiwatt 17 Jan 13

Hi folks. I'm just about to do my first full back up of my new computer with acronis TI2012.Obviously I've chosen "full" in back up method.In advanced settings should the "back up sector by sector" be left unticked?And should it be custom scheme as opposed to single version scheme etc?Thank you.

  X7-250 17 Jan 13

i'd leave 'sector by sector' unchecked, you only need the data backed up, i don't see the point of copying the free space too.

not sure about the other option, i don't think it's available in the free version of Acronis that i use, but it seems the 'single version' is to delete/overwrite an old image automatically when you create a new one.

that's a bad idea, you want at least a couple of images, i keep 3 and then delete the oldest one after creating new, just incase you accidently make a backup that includes some nasties you didn't know where there at the time, and insurance incase an image gets corrupted.

maybe wait for a 2012 user to give further info about that setting, or you could read the Aconis help files.

  hiwatt 17 Jan 13

Thanks X7-250! I've just completed a full back up of my C:drive.It's 1000gb with 868gb free space.There's 44.9gb of used space yet my full Acronis back up is only 22.2gb?Is this because of compression?Does this sound about right?Thanks folks!

  X7-250 18 Jan 13

yep, about 50% of the original is usually how mine work out with the default compression.

  hiwatt 18 Jan 13

Thanks a lot.

  woodchip 18 Jan 13

Acronis does not and never as backed up free space. Just do a full backup, in other words create a Image of the Drive to another Drive. This can be done without loading Acronis Just boot with external Drive connected and boot with Acronis CD in the drive

  X7-250 18 Jan 13

from Acronis FAQ;

"The sector-by-sector backup allows you to create an image of all sectors of the selected partition. This image will contain not only sectors with data but also sectors that are free. As a result, this image will be equal in size to the disk being imaged"

  woodchip 18 Jan 13

And why would you want to backup free space

  X7-250 18 Jan 13

the answer to that is in the link i posted, in response to your claim the option doesn't exist.

the option does exist and if you read the original question it was asked whether or not to select it, the answer being no.


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