Acrobat Reader 6 ... wont read out loud?

  Simsy 21:00 02 Jun 04

Hi Folks,

I'm clutching at straws a bit here, because the problem is on my dad's PC, with no internet access, and it's no where near where I am now..!!

Anyway, I was round there earlier today doing various tasks for Mum and Dad, and one of them was "tidying up" his PC...

I installed updates for a few things, including Acrobat Reader 6.... one of the feature it has is the ability to read out loud a document...

Now to be honest it's not something either of us have a need for, but I thought I'd demonstrate it... (It's via the View menu for those who want to try it)...

Unfortunately it just gave an error message, something along the lines of "This system is not set up to read out loud" Now I may not have that quote exactly correct, but I inferred it was saying it was a PC issue, rather that an Acrobat Reader issue...

As I say, I'm clutching at straws, but I just wondered if anyone had come across this and if it's a known problem, with a ready solution. A quick google wasn't productive.

Any offers?



  Fruit Bat 21:33 02 Jun 04

I think you need to switch on windows narrator.

Its found under start /programs /accessories Accessability/narrator. If you have accessability components installed like us silver surfers (old fogies)

  Simsy 23:35 02 Jun 04

But I suspect that's not the problem.... because I don't have ANY of the accessories installed on my PC, (Win98se), and it works fine on mine.

And I've jsut realised I should have said he's on WinMe.

Thanks anyway.

Any other suggestions gratefully received.



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