Acrobat 7

  U10 19:52 19 Mar 05

Acrobat 7 professional can now be bought on e-bay at a fraction of it's true cost. The offers seem genuine and are for new CDs (obviously without box, manual etc. Does anyone know if there's a catch - it seems too good to be true!!

  Joe R 20:05 19 Mar 05

Acrobat 7,

as a rule, ( and i'm sure most in the forum will agree ) "If its too good to be true", it usually is.

  bremner 20:06 19 Mar 05 seems too good to be true.

Then it almost certainly will be.

It retails at about £220 for the full version how much is it being offered for on eBay?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:07 19 Mar 05

without box, manual etc. also without serial number, therefore useless?

  TomJerry 20:34 19 Mar 05

Acrobat 7 needs to be activatived with Adobe the same way as WinXP, so it will be useless even you get CD and serial number if it is a dodgy one

  U10 20:34 19 Mar 05

Serial numbers are included so the software can be used - but I'm still suspicious!

  bremner 20:39 19 Mar 05

How much is it?

  numskull 20:44 19 Mar 05

Be careful! I have been caught out buying software from e-bay as it turned out to be a copy.
I would suggest only buying software if it is boxed, preferably sealed.

  U10 22:05 19 Mar 05

The current offers for Acrobat range from about £10 up to the full price of £200. Interestingly the offers (from lots of different sellers) are all for the professional and not the standard version. I suppose I could e-mail a couple of the sellers and ask a few questions - most of them are keen not to lose their ratings.

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