acpi updates or atapi

  happy dragon 20:59 05 Mar 04

o/s xp pro,asus a7v333 motherboard via kt333 chipset,amd athlon xp2100+,3dfxvoodoo3 graphics,1024memory.
not sure of what to update or what the differance between acpi and atapi is . i also use alot of video capture and imaging software etc and have been told to update these drivers but are confused to why or what to download for my system any ideas thanx

  Gongoozler 22:34 05 Mar 04

Acpi is your computer power management click here. ATAPI is the interface used for CD drives click here, where ATA is the interface used for hard drives. I don't know about why either needs to be updated for video capture.

  gold 47 10:26 06 Mar 04

If your running WXP and ACPI errors are showing
in the event log you have a big problem you don't
say why you asked about ACPI!!

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