Achieving "n" mode with 4965agn on Dell 1520

  dcrum 23:32 29 Jun 08

If anyone can help with this I will be most grateful.
I have recently bought and installed an Intel 4965agn wireless card.
Having attached the three antennae as Dell instructs (White antenna into "1", Black antenna into "2" and grey antenna (previously not used by 54g card) into "3"), I seem to be unable to achieve speeds of more than 54Mbps with my 125Mbps router (turbo g).
I have attemped driver updates and different antenna configuration, but nothing seems to work. I have also consulted as many forums as I could find, but none have the answer I need.
if anyone has had a similar problem, specifically with a Dell 1520 (other dells don't have the third antenna required to run "n" mode) then I would appreciate any help you could provide in overcoming the problem.

  ambra4 02:06 30 Jun 08

Trying to understand what you have and trying to do

You have a Dell 1520 with an Intel 4965agn wireless card installed

A 125Mbps router (turbo g) what make and model #

Is the router also an N type or just a b/g type with turbo g?

Turbo g is difference than N type wireless

Need more information before we can help

  dcrum 02:16 30 Jun 08

My router is the Buffalo Airstation 125Mbps CableDSL router. The following link takes you to the manufacturer webpage;

click here

It is only turbo g, however should my wireless card not connect at full 125mbps speed (given that I have tested it within a few metres of the router)?


  ambra4 03:43 30 Jun 08

No the Intel 4965agn wireless card is a standard 54Mbps G card with Draft N for you to get a

higher transfer speed if you want use the Draft N card you will have to change to a N type router

click here

Draft N and Turbo G is two-difference type of system

Turbo G is a standard transfer rate that some companies came out with, which is a normal G type

card with special software to allow a transfer rate of 108 - 125Mbps (before Draft N) between there

equipment only, so to get the higher transfer rate you had to use there router and wireless adapter,

but will connect to any other G type wireless system at 54Mbps

In other words to connect at 125Mbps to your Buffalo Airstation 125Mbps router

You must use a Buffalo Wireless-G 125* Adapter any other brand will only connect at 54Mbps

Hope that make sense

  ambra4 03:47 30 Jun 08

Buffalo Wireless-G 125* High-Speed Key Chain USB 2.0 Adapter which will

connect with your Buffalo Airstation 125Mbps Cable/DSL router at 125Mbps

click here

  dcrum 10:53 30 Jun 08

Ahh that makes sense, thank you! I would have ripped the thing apart before I found that out.

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