aoe276 04 Feb 11

I am installing a new BT home broadband and have had no problems with two ACER laptops.

Hoever, when I tried setting up my wife's ACER Aspire M1610 it said it did not support WAP. Even when I tried changing the hub to WEP it did not like it.

The 1610 uses an SIS adaptor. Any other drivers or other advice?

Many thanks

  mgmcc 04 Feb 11

The Acer Aspire M1610 appears to be a desktop PC that doesn't incorporate a Wireless Network Adapter. If it is being used with an adapter that you've added, either USB or an internal PCI card, it will be the adapter's drivers that need to implement support for WEP or WPA encryption. If using WEP, it might be necessary to use a hexadecimal key rather than ASCII which some hardware doesn't like.

[Incidentally, the more secure encryption is "WPA" (wiFi Protected Access) and not "WAP".]

  aoe276 04 Feb 11

No, it came with a wireless card from Acer when it was purchased. It has been working perfectly well with an old BT hub, but presumably that was WEP.

What alternatives do I have? Install a different adaptor?


  aoe276 04 Feb 11

Sorry for the previous reply. You are quite correct, I forgot it was hard wired.

Mea culpa!


  dms_05 05 Feb 11

You can still add another WiFi card and disable the internal card from Windows. Then install the new card (USB dongle would beOK) and it's software drivers. Make sure you buy a dongle that supports the encryption type you require.


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