OCTCORE 03:19 30 Jul 09

Hello there,

I have been trying to restore a ghost image on an Acer one netbook, I'm sure it ran ok from a USB flash drive, but errors when using a USb hard disk. This netbook uses a SSD hard disk. The ghost program made the backup image with out issue, and Ghost 9 with XP has always been a solid combination. I am booting up fom the Ghost 9 disk then select source/destination options (as per normal, the unit errors with image file not recognised - not valid, during the process I have deleted the destination partion (as per normal) now I have no OS on the Acer and cannot get it to 'take' the ghost image.

  ronalddonald 09:06 30 Jul 09

reinstalling the os, and start again?

  OCTCORE 22:19 30 Jul 09

I tried an earlier image and it came good, it would seem 2 of my images have corrupted.


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