Acer Laptop Startup Problems. Blank Screen...

  hammoj28 11:34 14 Oct 10


My Acer Laptop (Aspire3000) has suddenly stopped working.

When you switch it on, the Acer screen comes up and then the screen goes blank. It stays on and just seems to be stuck on a blanks screen?

If you press ctrl Alt Delete it restarts and the same thing happens. If you press other keys it makes a beeping sound.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated.



  Nontek 11:48 14 Oct 10

I would guess that your laptop is quite old now, perhaps needs a new CMOS battery.

  hammoj28 11:54 14 Oct 10

Is it hard to change the CMOS battery? Would that stop it starting up? I just thought that was if your computer couldnt keep up with time and date?

  birdface 12:02 14 Oct 10

See if it will start in safe mode.
just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.
if it starts try last good configuration or system restore.
A lot of updates from microsoft on tuesday so whether one of those causing the problem I don't know.

  Nontek 12:05 14 Oct 10

Not hard to change CMOS battery IF you have a Service Manual. Yes it could prevent it starting.

  Nontek 12:07 14 Oct 10
  birdface 12:13 14 Oct 10

I know nothing about them but did read that it was soldered in on that model.
Whether it is or not I dont know.

  Nontek 12:28 14 Oct 10

Yes, soldered but with a tiny plug/socket for easy removal.

  hammoj28 12:33 14 Oct 10

Cheers, for the feedback.

I have tried it in safe mode but that does exactly the same thing.

Just trying to locate the CMOS battery. Had the keyboard off but cant see four screws holding the motherboard on so I guess mines different to that model.

  Nontek 12:34 14 Oct 10

Did you click on the link on the right-hand side of the page, where it mentions the Acer Aspire !!

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