acer laptop repair

  bluerenaultman 23:11 09 Mar 08

Hi I,m after a new laptop, my old Acer was a old but useable. Its spec was 1.13ghz, 248mb of ram and 20gb hard drive. This was ok as I only use it for sufring and the odd stint on Word. My only must haves for the replacement are WIFI and A DVD/R any ideas please? Thanks!

  Graham. 23:23 09 Mar 08


  Totally-braindead 23:23 09 Mar 08

No particular one in mind. If its Vista you get make sure it has a dual core processor and at least 2 gig of RAM as the cheapo ones I have seen with less RAM and poor processors really crawl.

I don't have a laptop myself but some of my friends do and the ones they have that I like are Toshiba. They seem to last a long time, give no bother and have a very solid feel.

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