Acer Ferrari 3000

I have just purchased a Acer Ferrari 3000LMI, but i am a bit concerned with the screen resolution. The display adaptor is :
ATI® Mobility™ Radeon™ 9200 VGA chipset with 128MB DDR Memory
The screen is running at 1400*1050 i have tried changing the resolution to 1024*768which i like. But as soon as i change the screen gets distorted and very very pixelated surely you can chage it to 1024 without losing quality, as it is small. The screen size is 15" TFT.

Hope you can help please


PS The website for the laptop is
click here


  Big Elf 10:23 15 Jan 04

Based on what I've read, TFT screens are designed to work at one specific resolution. Although you can change to other resolutions you'll not get the sharpness and crispness. My own works best at 1024 x 768 and gets fuzzy if I lower it.

so there is nothing that i can do apart from where binoculars to see the icons.

  Big Elf 10:56 15 Jan 04

I don't think so. I've read reviews of Dell laptops that also had this problem. Still it might be worth getting in touch with the supplier.

  Big Elf 10:58 15 Jan 04

You can also change the size of the various screen fonts in Display Properties, Appearance tab, advanced button and the choose items.

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