Acer Desktops

  robihun 14:23 20 Jan 09

Friend has comp(2 yrs old)using for new business,major probs with i/net connection,and cannot turn of and reboot,d/load belarc etc,got serial oem of system,defragged for him,and chkdsk,problem i`ve got,when he has got in touch with isp,totally different comp description coming up,i.e acer power f5 of isp, oem serial Hp compaq????, dare not touch till find out more.Any help as always much appreciated.

  MAJ 14:28 20 Jan 09

The best help you could give us, robihun, is to type correctly. It's easier to read and understand the question if you type in longhand rather than truncating everything. I'll try again to understand your post.

  robihun 15:46 20 Jan 09

Thanks for vote of confidence,will try to be a little more concise! He has 2 computers for business,has rang person he brought computer off who has told him it is an acer power F5,have got serial of his comp (through c/panel/system)which when have put through mine has come up HP compaq,He has an isp,though every time trying to connect no go! cant even d/load diagnostic cd till find out exactly what system he is on?

  MAJ 16:00 20 Jan 09

This click here is an Acer Power F5, robihun, does it look like that?

What diagnostic CD are you trying to download, I've never heard of one before? What is wrong with the PC that you need a diagnostic CD? I gather he has two problems;

1. He can't connect to the internet.

2. The computer wont turn off.

Is that it or are there more problems?

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