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Acer Centrino Travelmate

  keith mac 19:03 11 Mar 04

I will eventually need the portability and long battery life of my Centrino Acer.

At present, though, it's used for long periods at home. It's got a Lithium Ion battery pack and there's no handbook guidance given as to whether it's safe to run on AC mains power continually - I err on the side of caution and charge the battery when necessary.

But there's a finite number of times that the battery will accept this before needing replacement - and it won't be cheap!

Anyone have a similar laptop situation? What do you do or what does the instruction book tell you?

Any advice / comments would be welcome.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:55 11 Mar 04

If I am using my laptop for a few days at a time plugged into the mains, I remove the battery pack.

Otherwise I run the battery down completely and then charge up again when I need to run it on battery.

  keith mac 21:32 11 Mar 04


What you do is what I too had considered prudent - any problems this way?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:17 11 Mar 04

keith mac - I've not had any problems doing it that way. A toshiba I bought about 5 years ago has just had the battery give up the ghost but as it is only used plugged in, that is not a problem. 5 years seems a reasonable lifespan to my mind for a laptop battery.

I will report back in 5 years time on my new laptop's battery condition!

  keith mac 07:28 12 Mar 04

Thanks DS - I guess 5 years isn't too bad a battery life. I'll keep my fingers crossed for mine.

Thanks again for your observations.


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