acer aspire zs600 wireless keyboard malfunctioning

  ms.glug 12:13 29 Sep 13

My keyboard has started playing up. It started a while back but seems to be getting progressively worse. It misses out letters or suddenly repeats keys several times for no reason. I've tried updating drivers, unplugging, restarting and reconnecting to no avail. I've also checked the settings - sticky keys etc - but that doesn't see, to be it either. I read somewhere that there might be too many conflicting drivers so I checked and there seem to be 4 of them but I don't know whether they are for this keyboard or the on-screen keyboard which I'm now using. I wouldn't know which one to remove.

Can anyone help?

  ms.glug 12:15 29 Sep 13

By the way it's running Windows 8.

  ms.glug 13:27 29 Sep 13

Thanks but that was the first thing I tried.

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