ACER Aspire 5920 - keyboard problems

  axew01 22:05 09 Feb 08

I have owned this laptop for 3 days. Initially the keyboard worked perfectly well but now pressing the right shift key and any other character brings up the windows media centre whilst triggering CAPS LOCK. Additionally CAPS LOCK has the same effect if it held in and another key depressed. The left shift key works as advertised. The problem is evident on the passwrord start up page but does not induce windows media centre. Any clues?

Thanks in advance

  howard64 09:43 10 Feb 08

it could be another key is stuck down? try operating every key to free it.

  axew01 10:24 10 Feb 08

"it could be another key is stuck down? try operating every key to free it"

I tried but it hasn't fixed it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:27 10 Feb 08

I have owned this laptop for 3 days

take it back.

  Totally-braindead 13:51 10 Feb 08

Have to agree with Fruit Bat clearly something isn't right and I would take it back.

  axew01 14:06 10 Feb 08

Thanks, I will call Acer tomorrow. I am just surprised that it started out fine and everything else (that I have used) seems to be working OK. I am a hunch that this is connected an update as I had problems getting back to a restore point prior to the problem i.e. I couldn't!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:09 10 Feb 08

Try a reset to factory condition?

  jack 14:13 10 Feb 08

As fruit bat reset.
Update which- was it the correct one?
Is the KB in UK English and not some foreign lingo?

  axew01 17:06 10 Feb 08

I restored factory settings and the fault remains so it is going back. Guess the wirings gone bad!


  ramvenkat 17:40 05 Feb 09

Hi all!
i have same problem with keyboard on acer aspire 5920 laptop. when i press RIGHT SHIFT key,media center get opened automatically and Caps lock also activated.Could you figure out the problem?could any one help on this problem?thanks....

  anderoo6 16:17 24 May 09

Did anyone manage to sort this? My 5920 has the same problem. Also noticed if you hold "o"then press "m" it writes "hg" after it.

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