acer aspire 5738z startup problem

  bigboab y 18:09 13 Mar 12

My 5738z has stopped starting (if you get my drift).I left it plugged into its charger overnight. When I pressed the "on" switch,nothing happened until about an hour later it started of it's own accord . I then noticed the date/time had restored to default i.e some time in 2009.Could a faulty CMOS battery be the cause of this? The main battery is a good one btw ,and the charger seems fine. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

  onthelimit1 18:22 13 Mar 12

Could well be battery. uses a standard 2032 - disassembly instructions here

  bigboab y 09:03 14 Mar 12

Looked up whats involved in changing the cmos almost complete strip down.......before I attempt that,can someone confirm that a faulty battery would cause my problem,or is it more likely to be a faulty mobo not charging it.

  robin_x 10:10 14 Mar 12

The batteries are like watch batteries. The mobo does not charge them, they only supply the clock chip and have to be replaced after say 3 or more years.

If the battery holder is just a couple of contacts, you can buy a new bare battery almost anywhere.

If it is sleeved in plastic, with wires and a small connector. you are probably best looking at buying from a UK Laptop Spares company.

I had a quick look on eBay etc but couldn't see one listed for 5738z. My searching may need refining.

  bigboab y 10:34 14 Mar 12

Thanks for that Robin,but I'm still not convinced a dodgy cmos battery is causing the problem.If someone could say yes or no I would know where I stood....Looks like I'll have to stick it on Ebay for spares/repair

  Nontek 10:44 14 Mar 12

Service Manual

This should be useful, I am as certain as one can be, that your problem is a dud CMOS battery.

I had a very similar problem a few years ago with a similar laptop, and was able to download and follow the Service Manual to effect a replacement of the CMOS battery - I HAD NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE! I am also a very Senior OAP.

  Woolwell 10:57 14 Mar 12

It could well be a dodgy battery. A replacement battery is likely to be cheaper than buying a replacement laptop. You could try contacting Acer Acer Support although it is an 0871 number or if out of warrant the 50p a minute line. They are based in UK and I have found them to be helpful. Their spares depot also used to be in Devon but moved to Poland!

  robin_x 10:57 14 Mar 12

To make clear my position. I am also convinced the BIOS battery needs replacing.

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