acer aspire 3200

  garyjameswood 03 Apr 13

hi hope someone can help as im over the edge!!!! I am trying to link my pc to Panasonic tx-42g30b viera via hdmi but I am having a nightmare, just no signal at all!!!! please, please someone HELP!!!! p.s aspire wont help and Panasonic wont help as usual each blame one another!

  lotvic 03 Apr 13

I think you have to alter the aspire graphics card settings so it knows where to send picture to HDMI monitor/tv

  lotvic 03 Apr 13
  Snrub 03 Apr 13

I have 3 Acer Aspire AX3810's and have no hdmi outputs which I can link to my LG 3D Smart TV. The fault lies with ACER. The hdmi outputs are faulty.

  garyjameswood 03 Apr 13

cheers guys the im going to give the link a go tomorrow as I am all pc to tv out!!!!!!! nice thanks again.

  garyjameswood 03 Apr 13

could'nt help myself and checked out the link, I've actually tried all that earlier today and still nothing! thanks anyway for all ya help. back to the drawing board as I will not be beat!

  garyjameswood 03 Apr 13

snrub I have been using hdmi port on Samsung monitor with excellent viewing and hdmi port worked great! I did read in another forum tho that there has been faults with some hdmi ports on other models of acer. cheers for your post.


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