Acer Aspire 1 - not booting up

  LeedsLass 09:25 15 Oct 09


Was on my Acer Aspire 1 the other night and it was working fine. The next day I brought it for a colleague to look at and swapped the chunky battery out and put the original back in for her to see it "as it is". Didn't switch it on for her. Then put the chunky battery back in and tried to turn it on.

It won't boot up. It whirrs like it is trying to boot up and then stops. Then starts whirring again as though it is trying again. And then stops. Then tries again. And so on.

There are 4 indicators that flash (one is for battery, one for HDD, and then one for Num lock and caps lock). They all flicker when I initially press the "on" button and usually the battery light stays on and the HDD flickers as it boots up - neither of these are lighting up.

Anyone know what could be the problem and what may have caused it (cos I'm sure just swapping the batteries around shouldn't have!) as it was working one night and then not the next day?????

Thanx in advance.

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