Acer Al1916 monitor GREEN screen

  barniclebill 20:25 02 Jan 11

Turned my PC & Acer AL1916 monitor on, PC booted up OK, but the monitor came on with a bright pale Green hue !!
Tried to adjust it via onboard controls = no good.
Turned it all off & disconnected wires, left it overnight. Tried it next day & still not right !!
Have proberbly messed up the monitor settings now.
Any ideas please

  mgmcc 08:14 03 Jan 11

Do you have access to another computer, Desktop or Laptop, to which you can connect the monitor to determine whether the problem is with your PC's graphics card or the monitor itself?

  howard64 09:35 03 Jan 11

If you have unplugged the vga cable lately you may have bent one of the pins in the plug? If not that the plug may have worked loose. Try unplugging it and putting it back in.

  Procrastinus 09:40 03 Jan 11

I had a similar problem with the same monitor and it was a graphics card failure.

  barniclebill 14:37 03 Jan 11

Thanks for the 3 replies.

I have connected the monitor to a laptop & it is still GREEN !! so graphics card & vga wire o/k.

Any more ideas Please

  Ford Prefect 01 15:23 03 Jan 11

I'm afraid to say that it needs replacing. If it is less than a year old you may have some redress under the sale of goods act. Otherwise it means a new monitor.

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