ac/dc Adapter for Laptops?

  BigBodhran 15:08 30 Jul 06

Hi All, I'm a novice in the world of PC's and need a little advice.
My daughters (hp f1781a ultraslim ac/dc adapter) has quit working. I think the problem might be the twisted cable (possibly a broken wire) and i was going to attempt to fix the wiring. However the actual adapter (black box) seems to be sealed (no screws under the label). Can i prise it open or are they just a throw away item.
Thanks David.

  FelixTCat 15:38 30 Jul 06


It may be sealed. Breaking into it may not be too difficult but resealing it safely afterwards will be.

Replacement mains units are readily available from web stores from about £25, depending on power output. Check the output voltage and wattage required - they come with a range of plug tips to fit most connectors. Try Google for "laptop power unit uk" or something similar.



  anchor 15:44 30 Jul 06

A replacement is likely to cost in the region of £46.

click here

If you have some electrical knowledge, I would certainly have a try. If successful, you can re-seal it afterwards with a little Araldite.

My stepson is a professional electrician, and did a similar repair once.

  BigBodhran 16:17 30 Jul 06

Cheers Guys, I think i'll give it a try, if it's just the wire then it'll be worth the price of a tube of Arldite. David.

  BigBodhran 17:54 30 Jul 06

Thanks everyone!!!
Problem solved, opened it up, checked it and it's now in bin..... New one purchased via the link you gave... Thanks a million.

Cheers David.

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