Account/connection help

  HOLLYBEAR 12:25 19 Jan 07

I have a desktop PC and will soon be buying a laptop.
I currently pay £15 a month for my desktop Internet Connection so with the laptop do I have to pay another £15 ?
Can I just log on with the same details as on my desktop but just create another account or can I just use the same account ?

Thanks for the help.

  Aargh 13:06 19 Jan 07

No - one broadband account is all you need. You just need to buy networking equipment to allow both computers to share the connection.

Buy a laptop which is wireless capable then all you need to get is an ADSL Router/Modem (if you get broadband via a standard telephone line) or a router/modem suitable for connection to cable if you get internet via NTL cable etc.

  ICF 13:07 19 Jan 07

No you don't have to pay another £15.
But you can only connect direct with one pc or laptop at a time.You will have to buy a router to connect both machine at once and a wireless one is the way to go.

  HOLLYBEAR 20:54 19 Jan 07

Thanks, I'll buy you both a pint, see you in the pub in about an hour !

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