Account permissions 17:19 06 Sep 07

i there,
I have a Windows 2000 server, on which i have several user account.
In the AD users and computers > Users Submenu > Choose a user (Lets sat the built in Administrator account) > Member Of

I seam to have somehow have muck up up all of the primary groups.
The built in Administrator account is no longer an admin, and neither is any other account. I have a couple of other admin accounts that are meant to have admin rights, but again they dont. This is annoying because I have no account with rights to go in every folder, e.t.c

I have tried to get 'Administrator' as the primary group in the 'Member of tab' on all the accounts, bit failed, the button just greys out.
The highest permission I can get is 'Domain Admin' But this does not seam to have all the rights I need.

Please can someone tell me how I can fix this problem, because t getting really annoying now, and obviously, to manage a domain you need administrative rights!!

Many thanks

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