Accidentally left Skype Auto-recharge to Enabled,...BUT new £10 credit not showing on my skype acc

  julius44 02 Dec 11

Hello and good morning to u all. I have skype installed on my windows 7 desktop pc,...and it seems that I left auto-recharge to enabled, so it charged me and topped up with another tenner, and I thought to myself fair enuff, so I just switched OFF the auto recharge feature. Now ive gone to look at my balance and it shows silll £3.68, so i'm thinking where is the new balance as nothing appears to have been added. I have NOT used it to make any chargeable calls in last 3-4 weeks but ti shows in my skype account settings that i was charged the nteer yesterday(11.50 as it includes the VAT) but no sign of this new credit!!

Any suggestions please, as im a bit baffled by this.

  northumbria61 02 Dec 11

Account balances are updated centrally, so you may need to wait several minutes for your account balance to reflect recent purchases. If you have just made a purchase, please ensure you check the status of your purchase in your account.

Sign in to Skype.
In the menu bar, click Skype > Account...
In the top right corner, click Show Purchase History.

Only orders with a Delivered status will appear in your account balance.

You may want to make a call even if your account balance does not show your purchase. Often the balance shown can take longer to update but calls can still be placed. If your call goes through successfully the balance will be updated immediately.

Important: If you have bought a subscription to call one or more countries, this will not show up on your Skype Credit balance. It will be displayed as a delivered order in your account.

You can contact Microsoft direct (they took over Skype on 14th Oct.2011) from this link enter link description here


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