Accident to netboot

  ventanas 16:25 26 Feb 09

Had some coffee spilt onto the keyboard, not much but seemingly enough to kill that part of it.

Still starts up ok, and the touchpad works. But the keyboard is completely dead.

I suppose I could plug a USB keyboard in, but that would be cumbersome.

If anyone has any hope for it I would be grateful for their advice, but personally I think its had it.

  ventanas 16:29 26 Feb 09

Sorry, title should read netbook, not netboot.

  gengiscant 16:29 26 Feb 09

try here.
click here

  skidzy 16:30 26 Feb 09

Chances are its shorted out,im actually surprised it boots up ventanas.

What model laptop,maybe we can find a manual on how to strip it down and find a replacement as long as the mobo is not damaged.

  gengiscant 16:31 26 Feb 09

or here.have fun.
click here

  ventanas 16:37 26 Feb 09

It's an Advent, but the actual model no escapes me (It's at home).

It's similar to this one. click here

I'll get the correct model tonight.

Thanks skidzy.

  skidzy 17:08 26 Feb 09

I cannot find anything to help with that lappy and keyboard removal,probably as they are quite new.

This may help to give some idea click here

I know i tried to strip down an Advent last year,but could not move the two plastic clips holding the keyboard in gave up.

  ventanas 21:28 26 Feb 09

OK, back again. I guessed right, it is a 4490, and only two months old. I've just tried plugging a keyboard in, and it didn't work, so must assume the mobo is finished. I will bin it I think.

I picked up an Advent 4213 this afternoon to replace it. With this one I can use my mobile sim card to access the net, it has a sim socket built in.

Thanks for your help skidzy.

  MAT ALAN 21:40 26 Feb 09

AH!!! but does it have a handy gadget to sit your coffee mug in...

  skidzy 21:40 26 Feb 09

" I will bin it I think ".

Have you thought of an insurance claim ?
I have had the same thing happen to me in the past,and the insurance paid out ok.

If you are seriously are going to bin it,pm me first please.

  skidzy 21:41 26 Feb 09

Your so nasty you ol git :-))) one sugar or two ! :-))

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