accessing yahoo mail

  2020 00:00 03 Dec 04

i'm not sure what has happened but when i try to log onto my yahoo email i get a page full of rubbish text which i can't get past. however i can access it perefctly from my computer at work. i have not encountered any problem with hotmail or any other site..whats up?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:57 03 Dec 04

Try clearing out all temp internet files and cookies and reboot; then try again.

Use CrapCleaner from click here to clear it up on a regular basis.

  kjrider 08:17 03 Dec 04

Its not that!

I have a problem for some weeks getting garbled page on yahoo. Cleanups do nothing.

My wife, who has a yahoo email as well, was OK, until a couple of days ago, when the same thing happened. Also has happened to my son.

Only cure is to download another browser such as Opera 7 or Firefox. must be a fault at Yahoo's end, as they have been upgrading their site.

Anyone else got any ideas?


  Diodorus Siculus 08:52 03 Dec 04

I use IE6 / Firefox 1.0 / Mozilla 1.7 and there is no problem with any of them and Yahoo.

I have ad blocking in place which may help and have both and addresses.

  2020 20:19 03 Dec 04

i have cleared the temp files and cookies. i had been using avant browser and tried advance browser all with no result. i can trace it back to not working since i went into setup another yahoo email. i had wanted to use but couldn't. like wise i wanted to setup a hotmail addy but coudn't. any suggestions?

  2020 23:00 03 Dec 04


  2020 09:22 04 Dec 04

still hoping to get an answer.
i have been able to open another yahoo account on this pc so it can't be a problem my end? how can i contact yahoo to get it sorted. i can only find contacting to report spam.
with thanks

  kjrider 12:33 04 Dec 04

Thats what used to happen to me. I could open up my wife's Yahoo email, but mine was garbled.

Now hers is as well.

Must be yahoo gradulally upgrading everything. Have tried contacting yahoo, but no luck so far.

  kjrider 11:53 11 Dec 04

No one come up with any solutions?
I am still trying to find out how I can get hold of yahoo, rather than just reporting spam.

anyone know how to contact Yahoo?


  Kate B 12:08 11 Dec 04

I've been having email grief with yahoo, too ... I wonder if it's their end. For me, Outlook 2003 is reporting errors accessing the pop3/smtp servers. Mind you, I also have a Mac and it's fine with Entourage ... I wonder if something is going on with yahoo.

  2020 17:48 11 Dec 04

kjride, i'm at the same dead end trying to contact yahoo...its a nightmare. i did change to a couple of different browsers - advanced, firefox and opera which was the only one to work but it has not been very satisfactory as yet,,i will try it again when i have more time. i can't understand how i can access another yahoo account on my pc with the current browse - avant.
any help is welcome.

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