Accessing the school computer from my computer at home

  johnincrete 07:13 15 May 13

I want to be able to access the school computer from my computer at home and vice verca and to be able to transfer files or to update them. What software should I install?

  Taff™ 07:29 15 May 13

Teamviewer will probably work Teamviewer providing it can get past the school firewall. I suspect you will need to speak with your IT department.

I use this frequently to provide remote access and remote PC support for friends.

  Ian in Northampton 09:40 15 May 13

I had a good experience with GoToMyPC - until the company I work for stopped us from using it. Now I have to use the corporate VPN, which is garbage by the side of GoToMyPC...

  spuds 10:29 15 May 13

This can be a touchy subject to some school's and education authorities. I would suggest that you have a word with the person responsible for the IT equipment in the particular school first.

  SimpleSimon1 10:39 15 May 13

Absolutely agree with Taff's recommendation for Teamviewer. I've used it for years and it seems to cope with the most complicated firewall structures, transparently. It's also free :-)

BUT spuds is absolutely correct - you will need talk to your school network admins. They are likely to have some fairly strong ideas (!) about allowing ad-hoc external access to their network and it is unlikely that anything will work unless they enable the relevant permissions.

If you are just looking to exchange files, Dropbox or some other cloud-based storage might be a better bet but, as before, I'd be surprised if you had the permissions to do this without talking to the Sysadmins.

  johnincrete 16:40 15 May 13

Thanks all. I did not make it clear: the school is here in sunny Crete and is owned by my daughter. The remote access will be from my laptop or hers at home. Teamviewer seems to be the answer


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