Access to System Volume Information folder

  DJ-Garry 21:06 17 May 04

Does anyone know how I can get access to the System Volume Information folder to delete Trojan horse Dialer.8.P that is in my secondry E: drive? If I try to open it I am denied permission.
AVG Resident shield found the virus and said to run AVG for Windows but it did not find anything. SpyBot S&D and Avast both found nothing either (not sure whether they scan this folder anyway).

  SANTOS7 21:17 17 May 04

click here good luck

  cream. 21:22 17 May 04

It will be hidden in one of your main folders in the "E" drive.

Open my computer and then the tools option. Scroll down to folder options and then the view tab. Now put a dot in the show all files and folders option. Apply and reboot. Then scour the drive for the folder.

That's the answer to your question, but

This is just the system restore for that drive. The easier way is to right click my computer, scroll to properties and open it. Now pick the system restore tab and scroll down to your "E" drive, open it and then pick turn off system restore for this drive. Reboot and do your scan. This should come up clean as you have just deleted all system restore points for that drive.

Now go back to system restore and enable the drive again.

  cream. 21:24 17 May 04

Slow typist here. :-)

  DJ-Garry 23:04 17 May 04

Thanks guys, tried both of those ideas. Now I have access to the folder it has a 'tracking.log' Text Documement 20KB and a restore folder with 2 sub directories, RP1 & RP2. RP1 has a 'change.log.1' file 2KB and a 'RestorePointSize' file 1KB. RP2 has a 'change.log' Text Document 1KB.
Is this normal?

I can see no sign of the virus .exe and if it's ok to turn on the system resore again, how do I stop it happening again? I am FULLY up-to-date with MS security updates and AVG and use ZA firewall.

  DJ-Garry 23:05 17 May 04

I'm on an XP pro system with SP1 & 2

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