Access point at caravan site

  Field Division 16:00 17 Feb 14

Hi all, Not sure if this is possible or not, but here goes I would like to connect to my caravan site broadband which has a user fee applied i.e pay per hr/day/week/month. now it is easy enough to connect wireless from laptop but I want to bring my skybox with me and receive catch-up & on demand. Am I right in saying that I could configure a spare router I have and setup as an access point so for example coming in it would be: Caravan site broadband>access point(router)>skybox maybe I am thinking to much into this but trying an alternative as there is no 3g coverage in this area and only option is to pay the broadband fess which I am happy to do, I have also just bought a smart tv but this wouldn't help my skybox connection.

Thanks for your time

  Bris 16:36 17 Feb 14

This is possible but you will need access to the sites router which I would think is unlikely.

Probably best to discuss your requirements with the owner.

To give you a flavour of whats required click here

  alanrwood 21:36 17 Feb 14

I guess it would depend on the caravan site BB connection bandwidth. It may not be fair to others to tie up the whole bandwidth by yourself.

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