Access Format

  Chris147 16:22 17 Jul 06

Er, does anyone know why my copy of Access XP creates new databases in Access 2000 format?

I've opened Access 2000 databases with my XP version in the past, and now it seems to think it is Access 2000...


  Pamy 17:19 17 Jul 06


  FelixTCat 17:35 17 Jul 06


What format have you set in options, or tell it to save as?


  beynac 17:38 17 Jul 06

This is Access 2003 but...

Click on Options... in the Tools menu then the Advanced tab and Default File Format.

  Chris147 20:45 17 Jul 06

Sorry, been away a while.

Tools, Options, Advanced, Default... Duh!


(Don't I feel daft?)


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