access denied to files/folders

  djbenny 09:54 23 Aug 06

hel;lo, this morning i suddenly do not have access to folders and files on my computer but just in one folder i do not know why this is, please could someone help i changed to the read only attributes but it still said access is denied to even change the files to not read only!

thanks in advance to any help given!

  djbenny 10:06 23 Aug 06

need help urgently as the files are very important!, sorry if i'm being impatient

  VoG II 10:08 23 Aug 06

Error message?

  djbenny 10:10 23 Aug 06

click here for you

  djbenny 10:12 23 Aug 06

and when trying to open a excel document it says "cannot access read-only document file.xls"

  VoG II 10:12 23 Aug 06
  djbenny 10:17 23 Aug 06

im using windows xp home if that makes any difference i can t find the advanced or security tab?

  djbenny 10:20 23 Aug 06

and i cant find out how to disable simplified file sharing

  VoG II 10:21 23 Aug 06

Have you logged on as Administrator in Safe Mode?

  djbenny 10:22 23 Aug 06

no, but i've logged in to administrator thanks i'll do that...

  djbenny 10:42 23 Aug 06

i did as the folder said now the folder cannot even be accessed completely nevermind the subfolders, it can be accessed through safe-mode

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