Access database - help please

  PA28 16:19 18 Feb 08

My son is trying to design a booking system for time slots completely in Access as part of a college project. We are having trouble in making the availability of a slot conditional on it not having been booked already.

We have designed a booking form which offers timeslots in the form of a combo list box. We are able to apply validation to eliminate multiple bookings, however we would like the booking form to only offer available time slots (and not to display those already booked). Any ideas how this can be achieved please?

  fishmad pete 17:54 18 Feb 08

I don't know if the following link will be any good to you but it seems to cover a similar topic
click here

  PA28 18:36 18 Feb 08

Many thanks - we'll try that. When my son's torn his hair out we'll let you know how we (he) got on!

  Curio 18:52 18 Feb 08

Possibly some info here
click here

  PA28 20:49 18 Feb 08

Thanks guys. Fishmad pete - that link has really given him something to work on - which he is. Many thanks.

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