Access the BIOS

  morddwyd 31 Aug 12

I have a new twin screen laptop, which obviously has a virtual, on screen, keyboard.

Since this does not appear until after boot up, how on earth do I hit F2 while the logo is showing to access the BIOS, other than by fitting an external keyboard?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 31 Aug 12

Power on the device by pressing the Power button and the Windows button at the same time. That will display the BIOS boot. then hit F2

  morddwyd 31 Aug 12

What Windows button?

There's no keyboard until boot up.

  lotvic 31 Aug 12

Don't you get a pre-boot keyboard?

Iconia Dual Screen Tablet, the manual under 'Expanding through options' - 'BIOS utility' says:

*To activate the BIOS utility, press F2 during the POST; while the computer logo and pre-boot keyboard are displayed*

Maybe it's the 'Keyboard button' Press to call up Virtual Keyboard or perform other functions (please refer to The keyboard button on page 47)

The keyboard button, located on the left-hand hinge, can be used to perform a variety of functions

  Woolwell 31 Aug 12

I've had a look at the manual - which isn't a lot of use. But it states "During startup when the Acer logo shows and the virtual keyboard is displayed, tap the key to enter BIOS Setup, where you can set system parameters.". This seems to indicate that the virtual keyboard is available during the boot sequence.

  Woolwell 31 Aug 12

Jock1e - no it doesn't have a normal keyboard.

  morddwyd 31 Aug 12

Thanks all.

The keyboard does flash up during the boot sequence, but literally flashes up, for something under a second.

I have now managed to enter the BIOS, by a combination of solutions suggested here - by pressing the Power button while pressing the LH hinge button.

This brings up a recovery screen, with the keyboard, and on then continuing the boot it is possible to use F2.

  Woolwell 31 Aug 12

Good news.


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