Access 97/2000 readymade music catalogue database?

  kimtrnc 09:57 06 Dec 07

Anyone point me at somewhere for this, please. Too busy (well, too lazy really,) to design my own.

  I am Spartacus 10:08 06 Dec 07

Access 2000. Create New Database, Create Table by using wizard, Choose Personal, Select 'Recordings', Select the fields you require, let it select a primary key. Choose modify Table design, Rename fields, modify size etc. to your choice.

  MAJ 10:59 06 Dec 07

Try this one, kimtrnc. click here

  kimtrnc 14:48 06 Dec 07

Now why couldn't I find that when I searched Micro-unfriendly.... Thanks I will have a look and see if it will do what I want ( unlike the Old Man..)

  interzone55 15:28 06 Dec 07

I used to use the Access CD database, it's quite good but you need to manually input everything. I've got close to 5000 CDs, albums & singles, and I got fed up with having to type everything in.

I found this piece of software - Music Collector from
click here . It costs $40, but makes it much easier to catalogue your music as you just pop the CD in your PC and it finds the details from their database.
You have to check everything though, as everything is user generated, so there's quite a lot of errors.
I still find it better than entering everything myself.

  MAJ 15:42 06 Dec 07

Why not use Windows Media Player's library, then?

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