Access 2000 - Maintaining position of forms/tables

  ade.h 21:10 17 Mar 05

I've got a database in development for my father's accountancy business. It contains various forms and the corresponding tables for things like payments on account, VAT returns, etc.

For ease of use, I have placed icons on the toolbars that open each form, including one that opens all forms at once. Trouble is, the last position of each form is ignored and they all open in the centre of the Access window, covering each other in the process.

Is it possible to get Access to remember the screen position of each form so that it's easy to bring focus to the user's chosen form and enter data. I'm trying to make this database as user-friendly and as automated as possible.

Please note that I've not yet grasped the nettle that is VB Script!

  Chris the Ancient 21:46 17 Mar 05

Open the form/table in design view.

Double-click the little square black blob in the top left-hand corner of the design view. This opens the properties box.

Within the properties, you should find all sorts of useful things that you can experiment with things like size, position, autocenter etc.



  ade.h 21:55 17 Mar 05

Thanks Chris. I've already examined the properties for each form and couldn't find any reference to screen position, unless it has a very obscure description. The closest is "auto centre", which is set to "no".

  ade.h 22:01 17 Mar 05

I should also mention that, when opening forms/tables in design view, they appear exactly where I last left them. Access obviously remembers their position for editing, but is putting them in a default position for data entry.

  ade.h 22:09 17 Mar 05


I've solved it myself (said sheepishly)! I decided to check the auto centre property for all the forms; it was set to "no" for the first form, as stated above, but was for some reason set to "yes" in the other forms. Having adjusted it, they now open correctly.

As you can tell, I'm having to learn Access as I go.

Thanks again Chris, for pointing me in the right direction after all.

  AccessMoron 22:11 17 Mar 05

access will not alow you to position a form, only center it

  ade.h 22:20 17 Mar 05

" access will not alow you to position a form, only center it"

Since switching off the Auto Centre option, all the forms open from their relevant toolbar buttons in the position in which I left them in design view (having saved each form before closing it). So it would seem that you can postion them.

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