The AC adapter and wattage cannot be determined. Dell

  Ex plorer 14:44 06 Apr 12

PC Dell Inspiron ONE AIO win 7

This is what I get on boot up.

The AC adapter and wattage cannot be determined. The system performance is unpredictable. Please connect a Dell 180 Watt adapter and restart. Or press F1 and continue.

It has the AC Addapter in use that came with the PC and has worked OK until now and still seems to be working OK.

I have been to the UK Dell site and I was going to email them unfortunately I cant as the first thing they want to know is the TAG Number and its not recognized. The PC is three weeks old and is registered.

I googled this and it seems to be common with laptops this is a desktop any advice would be appreciated.

  onthelimit1 14:59 06 Apr 12

Three weeks old? Take it back, as there must be a glitch in the Dell software, I'd have thought.

  ton 16:24 06 Apr 12
  onthelimit1 16:38 06 Apr 12

ton - he does say a PC, not laptop.

  ton 19:35 06 Apr 12


I realise that but it sounds like the same problem.

But at only three weeks old I would take it back anyway.

  Ex plorer 23:10 06 Apr 12

Hi thanks for your feed back so far I am reading and appreciating your comments. I will ring Dell in the morning to try and solve the issue.

  Ex plorer 16:07 07 Apr 12

Hi I switched off the PC, and the mains to the AC adapter. I unplugged the cable from the adapter and then the PC.

I Plugged the cable into the AC adapter first and then back into the PC and switched the power on. I have booted four times and all seems well lets hope it stays that way.

If it returns I will replace the cable between the AC adapter and PC as a first step.

In the cable like many today it has a bulge for a ferrite core block, I just looked that up if it was damaged could this cause the problem.

  rdave13 17:17 07 Apr 12

I would still ring Dell with your problems even if it is to sort out the problem with the TAG number not recognized. Make sure you have your receipt info handy. As it's virtually out of the box I wouldn't be happy.

  robin_x 17:25 07 Apr 12

A ferrite core is just a block of ceramic with magnetic material mixed in.

It absorbs Radio Frequency noise.

It can no more 'go wrong' than a Breezeblock.

  onthelimit1 20:15 07 Apr 12

Hadn't realised that some modern PCs (all-in-ones?) have an adaptor. Makes more sense to me now!

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