[email protected]

  Studdy 20:51 04 Oct 06
  Batch 20:54 04 Oct 06

Ignore it - it's just a spammer trying to confirm your email address so that they can deluge you with spam

  JanaMan 20:56 04 Oct 06

Phising and spam

If they now you email address why ask it again?

Its a phising atempt - right click on the link and click copy link target and then paste it here - if failed jus make sure u have an updated virus scan and spyware protection - click the link - copy the link and past it here - if it isnt https:// or if a padlock doesnt appear anywhere on your browser dont reply to it.

If u paste the link i will check it for you

I would reply to them an tell em to suk on their mothers left t**

  Totally-braindead 20:58 04 Oct 06

You're better off not replying to then and just ignoring it. Add it to your blocked senders as well.

  JanaMan 21:01 04 Oct 06

yeah TB is right - jus ingore and block - if you have something like Mcafee total protection just report it

  mammak 21:41 04 Oct 06

Your comments are unacceptable for a family forum
please do not post such common dribble.

  Jimmy14 21:55 04 Oct 06

totally right in what you say and I am laughing about your "common dribble" comment. NIce one.

  mammak 21:59 04 Oct 06

What would you call it? erm dont answer that lol :-))

  Jimmy14 22:01 04 Oct 06

don't worry I won't jeapordise my position on here as well or call it lowering to he/she's level.

  mammak 22:03 04 Oct 06

Say no more :-))

  terryf 23:14 04 Oct 06

I have noticed that JanaMan seems to delight in rude and inappropriate remarks on this and other threads. Quite puerile really. Wonder if he understands big words like inappropriate and puerile :-)

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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