about:blank.... AAARRRGGGH!

  kodaks0 17:06 07 Oct 04

Any help much appreciated to rid my home page of this awful affliction! Ive done all the usual, spyware, adaware etc, still keeps coming back... Ive taken a Hijackthis log, so if anyone out there can shed some light, Ill get them a drink!!

Thanks in advance

  Eastender 17:13 07 Oct 04

Have a look at this click here

  no-name 17:13 07 Oct 04

Sounds like you have the CoolWeb trojan.

Download CWShredder free from click here

  Legolas 17:25 07 Oct 04

Here is what I had to do to get rid of coolpage.

1.disable your system restore(you can turn it on again once you have got rid of coolpage).

2. Go to start 'search' and search for all instances of 'coolpage' delete all instances you find.

3.Go to start/run/and type regedit, when the registry window opens doubleclick 'My Computer' to close all the open registry sections,in the registry window.

4.Click file and then export this will allow you to back up your registry.

5.Click 'edit' and then 'find' type coolpage in the open window, search and delete all instances you find, make sure you delete them all.

6. Go to start/run and type msconfig click the 'startup' tab look for any instances of reg32 or reg33 untick any instances you find.

7. Once you have done all of the above reboot and hopefully coolpage will have gone for good.

  kodaks0 17:28 07 Oct 04

Thanks everyone, CWshredder got rid of it! - looks like I oweyou a drink 'no-name'!!!

  no-name 18:15 07 Oct 04

Pleased it worked kodaks0, but I was only paying a debt that I owe others who have helped me ;-))

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