About Rootkits.

  Conny 20:43 19 Mar 08

Not being techiee minded but wanting to make sure my PC is 'Clean' can I just get some clarification regarding what a 'Rootkit' actually is please?
As far as I can tell it is something which can lie deep in your PC and spread viruses/malaware etc. Is this correct? I am downloading the Sophos Anti-Rootkit program now. If it finds something how do I find out what it has found and what do I do with it?
Sorry to sound like a 'pleb' but you guys/gals are always so helpful.

  Clapton is God 20:47 19 Mar 08
  Conny 20:58 19 Mar 08

Thanks Clapton. Have just run Sophos and it picked up 41 'hidden files' but recommended clean up is not necessary for these files. They appear to be cookies so they will be cleared out anyway at the end of the night.
Once again, Thank you.

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